PRAWAH (Participatory Research Action Women Awareness for Humanity) is registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882.
The non government organization has been providing services in the field of health sector initiatives, international development, public policy, institutional strengthening & capacity building, governance and public development, governance and public sector reforms, fiscal & economic studies, monitoring & evaluation, legal & regulatory framework and social sector initiatives for around fourteen years and is dedicated to serve further.

Legal Status
Registered under The Indian Trust Act 1882 -Trust Deed. No. - 4/830, Dated- 03/08/2005.
FCRA Act 1976 Registration No.- 031170345, Dated- 8th March 2006. (Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi).
Income Tax (12) Reg. No.: 1/Patna/Technical/12A/2005-6/7281-83.
80G Registration No. 1/Patna/Technical/ 80G/2005-06 /7284-86 (Income Tax Commissioner, Patna, Govt. of India)
PAN No. - AABTP5671P, Commissioner of Income Tax, Patna.
TAN No. : PTNP03723G
Registration No. of Niti Ayog (NGO Darpan): BR/2010/0025986

Status With Government Agencies/Department
Worked on “TikakaranAbhiyaan”, Health Dept., and Govt of Bihar.
Worked on HIV +ve Pregnant women to save new born, Health dept., Govt of Bihar.
Worked on Polio eradication with Unicef & IL&FS in Bihar.
Worked on Forest Plantation, Forest Dept., and Govt of Bihar.
Worked on AASHA programme, Health Dept., Govt of Bihar.
Worked on Skill Development for Beedi maker dependents ,BSDM, Govt of Bihar
Working on Skill Development for CRPF families of Mokama, BSDM, and Govt of Bihar.
Working on Skill Development for urban and rural poor, BSDM, Govt of Bihar.
Working on Health & Awareness camp in different blocks of urban and rural area.

The areas of operation of PRAWAH are PAN India. The areas of operation in Bihar state are as follows :

Patna district (Barh), Jahanabad, , Muzaffarpur, Shivhar, Buxur, Motihari (Motihari, Pakridayal, Chakiya), Purnia and Siwan.

The organization is being managed by 3 executive members and 18 staffs & volunteers and involved in various social activities like Student Plantation Programme, Cultural Training Programme, Handicapped Training Programme, Education for All, Child Labor Education, Vocational Training Programme, Women employment, HIV/AIDS, Training/awareness and Positive people identification.

The organization aims to community empowerment through income generation and skill development, to work for the overall development of children, handicapped and old age, community education on health & reproductive health, awareness programme on human rights, environment protection and many more.

To establish a gender equality and equity in the society at all level.
To educate organize and empower the women , poor, unorganized workers and youth to promote as liberating force aimed at social justice, economic growth and self-reliance.
To the development of the natural resources to increase agricultural productivity and sprit of ecological awareness for the sake of environment conservation.
To provide for the housing needs of the rural and the urban poor by developing and implementing different schemes.
To establish, maintain and run studentship, scholarship and render all kinds of aid to students including supply of book stipends, medals and other incentive to study without any distinction as to cast, color, race, creed and sex.
To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as famine, Earthquake, Flood, Fire etc and to give donations and other assistance to institutions establishment or persons involved in such relief work.
To promote literacy, cultural, religion and other social activities by awareness programs.
To establish, maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or other establishment for relief and health of the poor, needy and destitute people, orphans, widows and aged persons.